As a family sponsor, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to communicate with the family you partner with in Ethiopia.  Please use this simple form to write a letter to your family and then hit send.   Once received, our staff will translate the letter and give it to the family that you sponsor

If you prefer snail mail, you can also send letters through the mail, including Birthday Cards.  You can include in those letters or cards – photos of your family and also a sheet of stickers if you like.

Please address any mail you send to:

Embracing Hope Ethiopia
PO Box 145217
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Note: Please do not put the Mother or Child’s  name on the outside of the envelope.  Please write inside on the letter or card.

Guidelines for Writing to the Family you Partner with…

1.  Please keep letters brief and friendly.  Remember that these letters will need to be translated and in some cases read to families.

2.  Send photographs.  Children and their parents love receiving them and will typically display them in their homes.

3. Write about family, work, food, neighborhood or the weather.  Families here  love to hear about your extended family, what kind of work you do, what kinds of food you eat and even the scenery around your home.  Try to avoid talking about materialism, money, and politics.  Let the family know you are praying for them – and even share a way that they can pray for you.

4.  Write to both the child and his or her Mother/Guardian.  Because we are focused on keeping families together, it is great to build a writing relationship with both Mom and her child – acknowledging and encouraging the Mom to keep loving on her children is a wonderful thing.

5. Have your children and/or grandchildren draw pictures to include. Families will love getting these things and will display them proudly.

6.  Write a couple of times per year. Receiving a letter is a great encouragement to a Mom that she his not alone – and that there are others thinking about her and praying for her family.

Write to your Sponsored Family Below by filling out the following form…

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