Walk, Crawl, Clap & Sing!

Its the truth, we are among some of the most privileged people because we get to see God bringing transformation right before our eyes.

This is so evident now as you walk into the Day Care and see the 65 children sitting eating breakfast together or as you walk upstairs and see the 20 babies playing together with the Care Givers.  Hope is definitely alive as you look in on the 19 one year olds who are all walking, running, clapping and starting to form words or as you watch the 15 two year olds play with legos and starting to share with others.  Transformation rings in the air as you hear the 12 three and four year olds recite the English and Amharic alphabets at the top of their lungs.

But, there are two times of the day when there is more excitement than any other.  The one is during music time when we get to see children running, toddling, dancing and singing with everything they’ve got. Everything.

Some of these kids are like Yurdanos who came just a couple of months ago in desperate shape. Eyes scabbed shut.  Super malnourished.  A very sick little girl.  Mom was very deflated and had all but lost hope.  Now, Yurdanos is clapping and dancing and walking…her tiny little frame toddling along.  And, her smile…it will ruin you.

Or take Fikadu.  He’s the little guy that almost died a bit over a year ago because he was so malnourished.  Now, he runs around the room dancing and talking.  Yes, talking.  He is bright, cheery and full of life.   But you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen his mom smile – she is full of gratitude.

So, there’s not time to run through the other 63, but please bear with me for one more. Sweet little Blane.  About a year ago we asked people to start praying for her as she had a protein deficiency that left her legs feeling like one of those squishy stress balls.  We had concerns about whether she would ever have enough muscle tone to walk.   Now, she is dancing and running around the room.  She is doing amazing.

Then there is the second time of day with the most excitement.  It is during Pick Up Time when the moms return at the end of the day.  You see, because these families have been preserved these children are going to get to go home with their favorite person in the world tonight – Mom.   And, she’s delighted, too.  She’s missed her child and gladly welcomes open mouthed sloppy kisses that one year olds best know how to give.  A family still intact and growing in health.

I wish you could be here to take it all in.  After all so many of you have played a huge part in this.  You have prayed and supported and encouraged in so many ways.   Thank you for taking part in this work of transformation that God is in the middle of doing.