Watch what great friends of ours are doing…

One of my favorite things about serving here in Ethiopia is that we get to come in contact with people for whom God has put a deep desire to see the poor impacted in Jesus’ name.  These people have a vision which God has put in their hearts and they are not afraid to express it in some very outside the box kinds of ways.

That’s what I so appreciate about Dave McIlrath from Mission Ethiopia.  He has been focused on providing ways for moms and their families to become sustainable through beaded jewelry creation.  This is not only a way to sustainability for these moms, but it also is therapeutic as these women see beauty created by their hands.  For many of them they struggle with the theft of dignity from their very core as they have had poverty extract so much from them…but now, they are working and creating beauty all at the same time.  They are becoming not only financially sustainable, but rather they are experiencing sustainability on all levels of their lives.

Please check out this film that was recently released showcasing Mission Ethiopia and all that they are about.  The film in itself is a work of beauty by Sam Nuttman from Session 7, but the women, the project and the vision that God birthed here makes it a work of art in the hands of The Master Himself.   The film is at

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