The Difference a Bit of Caring Makes – Kidist and Emebet

You hear us talk about family sponsorships all of the time, but does it truly make a difference?  Is it worth it?

Consider the story of Emebet and her daughter Kidist.   In the Fall of 2015 Emebet was making 400 ETB ($18 USD) per month.  She did not have enough to pay rent nor did she have enough to buy food for herself nor her daughter Kidist who was 2 years old.   She was tired, alone and without hope.  She had no one to watch Kidist and no way out.  What should a Mom in this kind of situation do?  She loves her daughter with all that she is – yet how will she ever keep her and survive?

Here is her original intake video (Please note her age is translated wrong in the video – it should be 1 year 11 months).

EHE’s intervention for this family is simple.  Provide Day Care.  Provide Early Childhood Education.  Provide 3 meals and a snack everyday to boost nutrition.  Provide Social Work.  Provide Micro-Savings.  Provide Community.  Provide some Basic Needs.  Take the burden off of Mom in an individualised way while nurturing a child in a holistic way.

Providing the love of Jesus in practical ways for both Mom and child.

This simple intervention has resulted in a dramatic change.  The family’s update is below. You will see that now Kidist is thriving as we would hope any soon to be 3 year old would be.   AND Emebet is doing amazing.  She is able to rent her own place, buy food and put her hands to a job she enjoys – selling coffee.  She now is saving money and is hoping to one day be able to open her own restaurant.


Dignity is being restored to this family one step at a time and it is making a world of difference!  Alleviating poverty is not simply about changing financial circumstances, but rather it is about dignity being restored – one step at a time.  And it is taking hold in Emebet and Kidist’s family!

But we need your help.  For families such as Emebet and Kidist, we took them into the project without sponsors in place.  It is how we always do it – we invite families in, trusting that God will speak into the hearts of folks to sponsor them long term.  Is God speaking to you today?  Would you partner with us through family sponsorship for families like Emebet’s as well as others?  

You can view those families that need sponsors at

Thank you for making a difference in their lives – one step at a time.


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