The Difference a Bit of Caring makes – Habiba and Addis

Thank you for being willing to read the story of change for one of our families.  Here is how You help to make a great difference in orphan prevention and family preservation!  

Addis has 4 children, the youngest of whom is Habiba.  Habiba is almost 3.  When Addis first came into the project, their family was not making it.  While the older children could go to school, she needed to find ways to work while also trying to care for Habiba.  The work she was doing was not providing enough for their family and they were struggling significantly.   For families this large and living in these conditions, it takes very little of a crisis to suddenly find the family broken apart by sickness or hard decisions to send children away.
Here is the initial intake video:


EHE’s intervention for this family is simple. Provide Day Care. Provide Early Childhood Education. Provide 3 meals and a snack everyday to boost nutrition and battle malnutrition for the twins. Provide Health Care. Provide Social Work. Provide Micro-Savings. Provide Adult Literacy Programs.  Provide Community. Provide some Basic Needs. Take the burden off of Mom in an individualised way while nurturing a child in a holistic way.

Providing the love of Jesus in practical ways for both Mom and child.

Life is changing for this family now. (You can read more of their update below).  Now that Addis can go to work while Habiba is in a safe place, it is changing her outlook for her other children as well as of herself.  She now has started selling fruit and vegetables.  In doing so, she has increased her salary and has the family in a much better living situation.   But, she also has started saving money and dreaming again.  She now has hopes of expanding her business one day and she can think about the future again.

Daily Habiba is in a safe environment where she is getting nutrition, education, health care, socialisation – and the ability to be a kid.  And best of all, every afternoon she goes home with Mom and her siblings to spend the night.   A family preserved!  


Dignity is being restored for each member of this family one step at a time.  This family is being preserved and Addis is grateful!  At the same time the groundwork is being laid to share the Gospel message along the way.
But we need your help. For families such as Addis and Habiba, we took them into the project without sponsors in place. It is how we always do it – we invite families in, trusting that God will speak into the hearts of folks to sponsor them long term. Is God speaking to you today? Would you partner with us through family sponsorship for families like Addis’ as well as others?

You can view those families that need sponsors at

Thank you for making a difference in their lives – one step at a time.

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