The Difference a Bit of Caring Makes – Chekolech, Yabsira and Manaye

What a difference you are making through family sponsorships for families such as Chekolech and her children Yabsira and Maniye.

When Chekolech came to EHE in the Fall of 2015 she and her family were literally starving.  She was working in the Koshe Garbage Dump and taking both of her children with her.  Every day they were all exposed to extreme toxins in the smoke and fire.  And they had the marks to prove it as they had burns on their legs.  The kids were malnourished and Chekolech was at the end of the road in her opinion.

Here is her original profile video.

EHE’s intervention for this family is simple. Provide Early Childhood Education for the children. Provide Health Care for the family. Provide 3 meals and a snack everyday to boost nutrition. Get the children well again.  Provide Social Work. Provide Community. Provide some Basic Needs.  Provide Micro-savings.  Provide Literacy Education.Take the burden off of Mom in an individualised way while nurturing a child in a holistic way.

Providing the love of Jesus in practical ways for both Mom and child.

Today there is a huge difference for Chekolech.  She knows that her children are safe and being nurtured while she goes off to work.  She is now recycling trash and the fires at the dump have ended.  She is making enough to cover her rent and she is so grateful to be working.  

Here is the latest update on Chekolech and Yabsira.


Dignity is being restored to this family one step at a time and it is making a world of difference! This family is being preserved and Chekolech is so grateful!

But we need your help. For families such as Chekolech and Yabsira, we took them into the project without sponsors in place. It is how we always do it – we invite families in, trusting that God will speak into the hearts of folks to sponsor them long term. Is God speaking to you today?

Would you partner with us through family sponsorship for families like Chekolech’s as well as others?

You can view those families that need sponsors at

Thank you for making a difference in their lives – one step at a time.

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