Preserve. Prevent. Partner. It’s What We Do.

Today I wanted to revisit the topic of what we do.  Some of you have only recently started reading our blog and others of you have been following for a long time.  Either way, its always good to revisit the topic of what we do.


At times people think we are just a Day Care.  I’ll admit that when we first started dreaming about this project 2 plus years ago, I thought that is what we were going to be.  However, as we began to peel back layer upon layer of poverty and the causes that have left people desperately poor, we quickly learned that we needed to become much more.  Now, we refer to it as Holistic Intervention.  That’s a fancy way to talk about what we do.  A simpler way is to state our aims like this:

Preserve Families.   At the end of the day we want to see families stay together that otherwise might have had to be broken apart because of a multitude of factors facing the poorest of the poor.  By keeping a child with their single mother we are able to see the family that God placed that child in continue to stay intact.  These moms fiercely love their kids, so we want to see their children stay with them.

Prevent Orphans.  As a family who has adopted, we believe in adoption.  However, we believe that to tackle the task of orphan care, we also must engage in prevention.  For the children in the project, statistics would lead us to believe that they were destined for needing be orphaned or possibly not surviving, unless someone intervened.  Together we get to prevent orphans before they start – and preserve a family.  Together, we get to care for the widow while preventing an orphan.

Partner in Hope.  We believe that the poorest of the poor families benefit infinitely from having someone to walk with them for a distance and to help them to embrace hope.  We don’t do it for them, but rather we partner with them in it.  We get to see dignity restored, hearts changed from the inside out, cycles broken, oppression lifted, encouragement received, community developed, sustainability targeted and hopelessness broken.  And, ultimately, we get to point toward Jesus in word and deed as the only true source of Hope.   We partner together with God and the poor to see His restoration come.

How do we do engage families in embracing this Hope?

Below you will find a graphic that illustrates the various interventions that we partner with a family in.  At the hub is a Day Care that is open Monday through Friday where Moms bring their young children so that they can be free to work.  While this is the centerpiece, it is simply a vehicle that we get to use to serve a felt need while helping Moms and Children to embrace hope in all other areas of life.  Note:  Around the outside of the wheel you will notice the various Stakeholders whom we relate to in this process.


Interested in joining with us in seeing families embrace hope in all of life?  We’d love to talk to you.  Does your church want to become involved in orphan and widow care?  We’d love to get some information to them, too.   Drop us an email at  and we’ll be in touch soon.

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