Making Your Year End Gift Count

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas!  Now we sit in that in between time where we take a few days rest from feasting just in time to start it over again on New Year’s Eve!

In this in between time we know that many people contemplate where to give one last year end gift.  We also know that you want that gift to make the largest difference possible and to be stewarded wisely.

This year, would you consider including Embracing Hope Ethiopia in your year end giving?  We believe that we have a model that is making a difference and that can maximize your money by getting it to where it needs to be used – on the ground among the poorest of the poor children and families.

We invite you to view our Fiscal Year Annual Report by clicking here.  This report is full of photos, stories, dreams, activity reports and financial reports of how many like you were able to make a difference last year in the poorest of the poor.

Now, this year we are about twice the size that we were during much of that reporting year and your gifts will allow partnership to happen directly with over 110 children and 102 mothers plus the overflow difference made to siblings, staff and the community at large.

To make a year end contribution to Embracing Hope Ethiopia, please click here or use the GIVE button in the upper right corner of this web page.

Thank you for your prayers and your gifts as 2012 comes to a close and we look forward to all that God has in store for 2013!

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