A Changed Life – Tesfaye

When Tesfaye* first came to us at EHE, he was in a desperate situation. He was an HIV Positive Dad with a 2 year old child. Tesfaye was seriously ill, coughing and suffering from joint pain which left him unable to work. He was not on Anti-retrovirals and was getting sicker.

Tesfaye’s* wife was working, but only making 450 ETB ($22 USD) per month, which was not even enough to feed one of the family members. Tesfaye could not afford medical follow up and treatment was unthinkable for him even though he was aware of his HIV status. Time was ticking for this family.

Once EHE staff interviewed Tesfaye* and cross checked his living situation, he and his son registered as one of the beneficiaries. Tesfaye* started receiving medical treatment and supplementary food support which helped him to recover and get physical strength. He also started receiving basic need support.

Once his son was cared for and his health started improving, he started working as daily laborer, and also was hired as a part time guard which enabled him to earn 1000 ETB monthly. This helped them to pay their house rent as well as to have money for household needs. His situation has improved to the point where he has been able to save 5000 ETB in a Savings Account, too.

Tesfaye* now has hope for tomorrow. He is receiving HIV counseling, prayer, and supplementary food support for his Anti-Retrovirals. He reports that he lost hope when he was told he was HIV positive, and was thinking of committing suicide. But now, he is attending adult education to be able to write and read, and he leads a happy life with his wife and children. He also has a plan to have his own house, and help his children to continue their education.

Life is also much different for his son, who now is 4 years old. Once he was registered in the project, he stayed at the day care center every day where he received a balanced diet 4 times a day, early childhood education, support and socialization. This year this boy entered into formal education through our Nursery School. He continues to receive all of the supports EHE provides.

This story seems very simple but as Tesfaye* said, if he did not get this support, he would never have continued to live and his children would be orphans.

Please join us in helping so many others in need of family preservation.

(* This Father’s name has been changed in order to protect his identity because of his HIV status)

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