Where’s The Money Go?

As an organization that flows out of  following Jesus, we believe in financial stewardship, integrity and transparency.  We also know that as a financial partner this same thing is important to you.  We understand your desire that the money you give goes where it should be going – to ministry among vulnerable families.   Please know that we share that desire with you and it is our aim  to maximize every dollar which you send to us in a way to make a difference in the lives of the Mothers and their Children that Jesus has entrusted us with.

Below is the breakdown of our projected budget for The Day Care / Holistic Intervention Project for this year.  Please feel free to ask questions or make comments.  We’re also including some notes about what these various line items are.


1 Facility is for the rent of a house which holds both the Day Care & Office
2 Day Care Furnishings – everything from shelves to mattresses to fridge & stove, etc.
3 Education – toys, puzzles, curriculum, play things
4 Health & Hygiene – Medical Treatment and Hygiene Supplies for the family, day care & training
5 Nutrition – 2 Daily Meals for Children in the Day Care & Nursing moms & special support
6 Salaries – Salaries for the 13 Ethiopian Staff Members
7 Family Support & Empowerment – Supplemental Food, Employment Training, Special Supports, Clothing, Micro-enterprise, Life Skills Training, House Repair
8 Community Development – Community Education & Community Sanitation initiatives. will increase in 2012
9 Capital Costs – Costs associated with getting an office up & running in the first year
10 Administrative Costs – Office expenses, audit, printing, paper, etc.

Thank you for partnering with us.  We appreciate you entrusting us with stewarding the investment you are making in the lives of others here on the ground!

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