Wearing many hats

From what we hear, it’s cold – and snowy (brrrr, something that makes us now cringe!) – where many of our readers live!  What better time than now for hats…elegant hats, crazy hats, kids hats, fun hats, pretty hats, just about any hat you can imagine. You may be asking (and rightfully so), what on earth does this have to do with Embracing Hope?

tiz hatWell, our friend Courtney makes awesome hats.  Amazing hats.  Just about any hat you can imagine, she can make.  She blows my socks off with her talent.  My friend Courtney also was in our travel group when we came to Ethiopia to adopt Hanna.  Her daughter is exactly one year older than Hanna…to the day!  They share a birthday.  But that still doesn’t explain the connection to Embracing Hope.

Well, for the month of February, Courtney has graciously offered to donate 10% of her profits from her Etsy store (the place you can get those amazing hats!) to Embracing Hope!  How cool is that?  Green Monster Hat

Check out her work.  It’s amazing.  www.TizzyDee.Etsy.com Get a really cool hat for you or for a gift, and help out Embracing Hope!  2 great things in one!

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  1. Thank you, Thank you! I have also been spreading the word about your family sponsorships. Hope you make your goal by Valentine’s Day!

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