We got our stamp

Big deal, right? So, Embracing Hope Ethiopia got an ink stamp with its logo on it. Well, my dear friend this is not just any stamp…no siree, this is an Ethiopian Stamp. Every document in Ethiopia that is official requires the stamp of the organization who wrote the letter or signed the contract. And, every agency that touches that document adds their stamp to the document, too.

So, we went to the special printer with our special license and now are the proud owners of a special stamp. This means that we should be able to sign our operational agreement with the Charities office on Monday (we needed to have a stamp to seal it with before we could sign it) and we’ll soon be passing our proposal on to Ministry of Economic Development and the AA Women & Children Office.

But, for right now we are going to bask in the glow of now owning our own little piece of Ethiopian Culture – the cherished rubber stamp.
ehe stamp

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  1. I am so excited for you guys. It is so amazing to be able to follow the progress almost from the beginning.

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