We got our license

Ok, so this is late news. Christy thought that I had updated it…I thought she had done it…but neither of us did!

Last Friday we picked up our NGO license – which was an awesome step in the process. Praise God! Here is what it looks like – all official and everything ngo license

Now, today we ordered our official stamp for the organization. This is a vital piece of operating in Ethiopia. Tomorrow we pick up the stamp and we’ll post pictures of that for you, too.

Tomorrow we’ll sign our operational agreement and send our proposal on to Min of Economic Development for their feedback and approval. Then, its off to Addis Ababa Ministry of Women and Children for their feedback, corrections and approval. We’re still a ways off from being able to get started…but things are moving. In the meantime as of Friday we hope to start the process for our work permits.

Thank you for your prayers. AND, watch here because in the next few days we’ll be launching a sponsorship program. This is very exciting…and we’ll need your help to spread the news far and wide to help see families in Kore embrace hope.

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