Registration is open!

Today we were able to open registration for an additional 29 families for the Day Care!  We have already added 5 new families.  We’ll be able to share their details in a few days.  But, for now, please continue praying for our staff as they start screening and registering other families and as we start introducing them into the Day Care.

Keep watching back here over the next couple of days for more details on the families.

In the meantime, we’d love it if you’d help us spread the word.  One way to do so is a short 1 minute video – done as a corny kind of movie trailer, but it gets the point across.  Check it out at   and please help us spread the word as we start looking for sponsors!

1 Comments on “Registration is open!

  1. Awesome. I love looking at the difference in the kids from your video 6 months ago till now. The children looked so unhealthy and now they have a whole new glow about them. All because you guys were willing to give it all up and follow Gods leading. Way to change the world guys, you rock!!! Will keep you all in our prayers as you make decisions about the new families
    Love you guys,
    The Other Shannons

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