Please Pray for Firtuna

We have a sweet little 2-yr-old named Firtuna who has Downs Syndrome.


She has been in the hospital with possible pneumonia for 2 weeks. Yesterday, they sent her for an echocardiogram. It appears she has a heart defect that is typical in DS kids – a hole in her heart that is typically repaired when a baby is very young (about a month old). Firtuna’s heart has never been fixed. It is now causing problems with the blood flow to her lungs, and she is requiring oxygen almost all of the time.

We are waiting for her to be transferred any time now to another govn’t hospital that has a heart surgeon and a thoracic surgeon on staff to see if there is anything they can do. It doesn’t look good. Firtuna’s time may be very limited.

Please pray for Firtuna, for wisdom for the doctors, for her mother Rashan as she receives the news of how serious this is, and for the EHE staff. This is very difficult.

4 Comments on “Please Pray for Firtuna

  1. I will be praying. I have had 2 open-heart surgeries. The first was a hole repair at age 5, the second was a mitral valve repair at age 30 (just 2 years ago). I know that we serve and are loved by the Great Physician.

  2. Thanks for this story. I will be glad to pray for this child and for the many others who need healin of hearts as well as bodies. I will also pray for a way to support your work in some small way financially, for I value your ministry. The name Embracing Hope says a lot that really strikes a chord in my heart.

  3. Shannons- Thank you for devoting your lives to the causes that our Father’s heart breaks for. I am heavy for this beautiful life. Praying for God’s hand to touch her in healing and for us to walk beside her in as many ways as possible. May God be honored in her precious life.

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