Oh, what a day! Sweet!

Embracing Hope Ethiopia - Welcome Children & Families

We had about 45 people here to celebrate the opening of the Embracing Hope day care!  We had government officials from the local government, some of our newly-hired workers, and most importantly our moms and little ones.  It’s hard to describe the morning…so we’ll let the pictures speak.

Alayu - the project director and dear friend.

Jerry welcoming the families with Alayu translating

Sisay - our amazing social worker (lft) and 3 workers from the local govn't

Families listening to the presentations

one of our moms and child

moms and kids

fast new friends

one of the little sweeties

daugher and mother

This little one stood silently beside me for a long time holding my hand - with 1 little finger

Inspecting the new daycare - and liking what they see

This little guy's smile lights up a room!

Celebrating with tea, bread & bananas

Tomorrow is the real test.  The kids will come for a full day without their moms.  19 of them (plus however many more the social worker registered this afternoon).  Can’t wait!

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