Merry Christmas!!

Well, it doesn’t feel much like Christmas around here right now.  Its 80 degrees, the sun is shining and the only Christmas decorations are in the more Foreigner type hang outs.  At least the nights are chilly 🙂   Christmas day will come and go on December 25th with very little fanfare or notice…but 2 weeks later on January 7th everyone will be ready to celebrate Ethiopian Christmas.

In our house we are having a great time leading up to Christmas.  We are loving doing Advent readings each evening as a family along with Jesse Tree ornaments…and this year we even have a Christmas tree, thanks to some friends of ours who just moved here and happened to have an extra tree AND lights.   The kids were stoked!  We even had friends who brought us Christmas Blend coffee, candy canes and Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark. yum.

We’re all looking forward to Christmas Day.  We’ll be heading out to church in the morning and then spending the day with our great friends The Benkerts – that will make Christmas extra special.  And, we understand that chicken enchiladas are on the menu, so man it will be extra extra special.

We want you to know that as friends and family of EHE and our family we are so grateful for you.  We are grateful for the ways that you partner with us and vulnerable families – so that they can know King Jesus, The True Hope.  We hope that you have an amazing Christmas – focused on His coming.   May He meet you in and through it!

Merry Christmas!

Jerry & Christy


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