Meet The Derloshons!

Meet The Derloshons!Derloshon family.

We have the pleasure of announcing that our team here in Ethiopia is expanding. Please welcome Adam, Christie, Maggie (8 years old), Hazel (5 years old), Zek (3 years old) and Emery (2 years old).

They are starting the fund raising process and would love to be on the ground here in Ethiopia sometime in February. Of course there are so many things to do to prepare and raise support and say good byes – please pray for their family.

Their family is coming to us from Indianapolis, where Adam is on staff at the Vineyard Community Church, Greenwood, Indiana. Adam serves as the Communications Director and Christie formerly served as one of the coordinators in the children’s ministry at the church.

Adam will be coming as our Donor Relations Coordinator, but will serve in a variety of capacities that he is passionate about. Christie will be coming as our part time Handicrafts Coordinator, but again serving in other areas that she is passionate about.

Their story is similar to The Shannons in that after adopting their son from Ethiopia in 2009, God began to put Ethiopia deep in their hearts. Along the way they sensed a call to Ethiopia to serve among the poor and then on a vision trip, in which they stopped by EHE’s Day Care, felt deeply impressed to be involved in a Day Care themselves. That was about 8 months ago and now they are preparing to get on the field. How cool is that?

We are super excited to have them joining the team and look forward to how their giftings help to complement what is already in place.

Please join us in welcoming them, praying for them and also supporting them.

If you are interested in donating financially towards their support, you can do so by visiting ,clicking on the GIVE button and in the process choosing “Derloshon Family Support.”

Welcome Adam, Christie and family!

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