Lunch on 2 Dollar Day

We were hungry by the time we made it to the lunch table.   Made for great conversation over lunch for all of us.

We had Shiro and Injera for lunch.  The funny part was that we are all so used to eating tons of injera, but not today.  We usually eat 4 sheets of injera for our whole family, but today we could only afford 2 sheets on the budget.  That means there were 8 “rolls” of injera for us to split between the 6 of us.

We actually came in a bit cheaper than what we thought we would, though.  Total for the meal was 14.25 ETB (83 cents).   This is the breakdown for our meal:

1 small onion – .5 ETB

3 Tsp of Berbere – 2.25 ETB

1/2 cup of Shiro – 3.5 ETB

cooking oil – 3 ETB

2 sheets of Injera – 5 ETB.

We’ve now got almost  3 ETB we were not expecting to put towards dinner.  Hmm, how far does 18 cents go?

What are you eating for lunch ?

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