Looking Back…Looking Forward

A new year is upon us…a year full of expectation and wonder at what God will do in the coming year. We are left full of amazement at all He did in this past year. His faithfulness is extraordinary and truly beyond the imagination. 365 Days ago we were sitting here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia full of anticipation while also feeling a bit discouraged.

We had submitted a proposal to start a free Day Care, but it was tied up in lots of red tape. We were unsure of if and how it all was going to play out…but we had a dream that God had put in our hearts and amazing people who were working really hard to see it come into being. We were sitting and wondering how on earth we would ever see this become a reality…not to mention have the funding for it all.

Today I am sitting in the office at our Day Care Center. It’s a busy place today – 31 children are here today along with 12 of our staff. Today the children will eat 2 nutritious meals here and have their minds expanded as they play. Some of the children will continue to receive medical attention, while others will learn ABCs and Amharic Fidels and two children attend school who otherwise would not have had the opportunity. Two moms will make jewelry and others will work at their businesses created through micro-enterprise grants, but in all 29 Moms will go to work today…many of whom would not have been working 9 months ago. Tomorrow all the families will receive hygiene materials and food and clothing – helping them to grow towards the capacity of being fully sustainable. Every afternoon the moms return and provide community and support to each other as they ready their children to return home for the evening as a family – a community is present for these Moms that was not here 6 months ago. The list goes on and on of activities that are helping families to embrace hope in all areas of their lives. Healthy Children and Healthy Moms…done in a way chock full of mystery like only God can truly do.

We are stunned by God’s faithfulness and the way He has brought things into being in His timeline. He has provided favor when it was needed and has provided resources when they were needed too. We have seen Him do nothing short of the miraculous in offices and done deep work in our lives as well. He has provided a grid for His Presence both in times of incredible joy and the deepest of sorrow. His Presence with us and among us is so sweet.

Here I sit looking forward to a new year with a paper in hand that is going to allow us to double the project in the coming year.

Already this morning we have had 9 Moms come to our gate seeking help. We now have the approval to assist some of them. Next week we will start screening those families…seeking God for whom to include in the project. For 60 families this year we will be able to demonstrate the hope of Jesus in deed while looking for opportunities to share Him in Word as well. 60 of the most vulnerable families will have opportunity to continue to be a family this year…and I dream that this year some of them will become sustainable as a result God’s work in Moms lives as well as the partnership of our Staff, Moms and partners in other parts of the world. He does beautiful things as we all work together.

In all of it we give all of the glory to God alone. He is the initiator, the developer and the sustainer of all that we see here at this Day Care as well as in the lives of these beautiful Moms. We look forward to seeing where he takes us in this coming year, especially since His loving care for these families is beyond comprehension. Lead us O Father…may we follow.

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  1. This is such a beautiful testimony to the fierceness with which God’s heart beats for His children and the least of these. Thank you for being willing to follow Him on the dimly lit path…He is faithful all the time even when we can’t see our way. So excited for what this next year holds for you and those you serve. Thank you for all you do!

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