Introducing 2 New Families

On Monday we welcomed 2 new families into the project, which is always a lot of fun to do!  We now are full once again with 30 children from 28 families…mostly under the age of 2 years old.

A bit about their stories.   Yeshi and her daughter Tigist are originally from Northern Ethiopia.  The only way that Yeshi has had to provide for her family for a long time has been to take Tigist with her and beg along the road.  Of

course, this is not much of a life for a 3 year old.  They live in a small mud and tin house – see the picture of their house to the right – about a 10 minute walkfrom the daycare.  We consider Tigist to be one of those “Gifts of God” children in that while she was not planned nor expected, she was born and we believe that God loves her and has an amazing plan for her life.   You can read more about Yeshi and Tigist by following this link

The other family that we just welcomed into the project is Asefu and her one year old daughter Bingo.  Asefu is a young mom of 25 who also is from Northern Ethiopia  and similar to Yeshi above did not plan to have Bingo.  Their extended family all lives together in 2 rooms which houses grandparents, aunts, uncles and Asefu, Bingo and her older sister.   They used to be provided for by Asefu’s brother who had a good job as a construction supervisor.  However, last year tragedy struck and her brother was killed in a work accident, thus leaving the whole extended family without any income.   You can read more of her story by clicking here.

If you are interested in sponsoring either Yeshi & Tigist or Asefu & Bingo, please follow the sponsorship link here or drop us an email at .  We also have updated our Wall in need of sponsors…we have about 50 sponsorship slots left to fill at $34 per month.  You can check out the whole wall at

On behalf of vulnerable families, in Jesus Name.

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