Handicraft Giveaway!!!!

Over the next little bit we will be giving away some Handicrafts!   These are items that have been made by Moms in the EHE project.  We’ll be giving away a bracelet and a couple of necklaces made from beads that were hand rolled and varnished by our moms.  We’ll also be giving away a bag of coffee that was roasted by one of our Moms in a bag that was stitched by another of our Moms with “Tesfa” (Amharic for Hope) stitched on it by her.

Here’s the deal.  We’re looking for people to join our Facebook Page.   So, go Like the Embracing Hope Ethiopia Facebook Page. You can do it here:  



While you are at it, spread the word to your friends and lets get them hitting “Like,” too.  Once we hit the magic numbers below, we’ll draw a name from all of our existing Facebook Fans.

When we hit 350 fans we’ll give away the first prize – a bracelet made of paper beads rolled by Asefu. When we hit 400 we’ll give away a bag of coffee – roasted by Hana in a bag stitched by Kidist. When we hit 450 we’ll give away one of our cross and paper bead necklaces with beads hand rolled by Abebich. And, when we hit 500 Fans we’ll give away one of our Long necklaces with beads hand rolled by Asefu. Please spread the word and start hitting the Like Button for the Embracing Hope Ethiopia page!

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