Guide to the 2 Dollar Day

Because 2 Dollar Day is about much more than simply trying to live on $2 for one day, here is a guide to help you maximize the impact and grow in empathy.

1. Think.  Every time you go to buy something or you feel that uncontrollable desire for Starbucks calling your name, think about how much of a draw being a consumer has on you.  Invite God into those thoughts and see what He does.

2. Feel.  Chances are you are going to feel hungry at some point during your day.   Take some time to permit those feelings of hunger turn into empathy for the billions of people in the world who feel hungry on a daily basis.  Contemplate what it means that Jesus is The Bread of Life for you as well as for them.

3. Pray.  Pray for the poor around the world as well as in your backyard.  Ask Jesus to bring transformation to them, their governments, their societies…and yourself, since we, too, are impoverished in our own ways.  If you’re really daring, pray and ask God what He would have you do about it.

4. Act.  You’ve probably saved some money by living off of $2.  Consider donating what you’ve saved to organizations that serve the poor…maybe its possible to live on less daily and you can find extra to give on a regular basis.

5. Share. Whether you made it through the day on $2 or not, we’re sure that you’ve learned some things about yourself and about those who live on less every day.  Take some time to share your experience on the website, Facebook, your blog, etc.  Become an advocate for seeing Jesus’ Kingdom advanced in the lives of the poor.

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