Amazing, incredible news…Today it is official and our Day Care Project is approved and ready to go!  Alayu had to run all day from office to office (6 offices all around the city in total, some of which he had to hit twice) hand delivering our project proposal and getting final signatures, but as of about 3 pm Ethiopian Time, the Day Care Project is approved and able to open!  Awesome, incredible, dumbfounded, relieved, grateful…a whole range of emotions going on…but so incredibly excited to see this journey that God has had us on unfolding.  It feels kind of like we’ve been writing a play script for awhile…and now we’re about to see the curtain open…with much anticipation!

So, on Sunday we’ll have a meeting and plan the way forward.  We have a full Day Care to equip, Staff to hire, Families to interview, Sponsors to find… which is so wonderful to now have the green light to move forward.

Also, on Wednesday Jerry and Christy both received their work permits (which means we can legally volunteer for Embracing Hope here in Ethiopia) and today both today received their residency (which means no more trips to Kenya every 90 days!).  Its been a good week!

On our way home today, after receiving the call of the great news, the kids spotted a rainbow out the taxi window.  We watched it much of the way home.  God’s promises are good, and we are so excited to see where this journey will take us.

Thank you for your prayers, your perseverance, your encouragement and your support…now let the real, exciting, life changing kind of work begin 🙂

Thankful to God for His faithfulness and for each of you.

6 Comments on “DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!

  1. Whooohooo!!!!! GOD IS GOOD! 🙂 So excited to watch this incredible journey unfold…the persistence and patience and waiting is all worth it for moments like these. Think of the difference God has blessed you to be able to make in these lives. They will be FOREVER changed because you’ve been obedient to the CALL God has on your lives…so excited to be such a tiny part of it… 😉

  2. So happy for you!!!! I will be honored to help spread the word to potential sponsors….God has blessed the people of Ethiopia beyond measure through your love and grace. God bless all of you, I’ll be praying for you, and helping in whatever way I can 🙂

  3. @Jenifer. Thank you so much for your willingness to spread the word!!

  4. @Jenna. Thank you for being on this ride with us! Love to all the Michauds!

  5. @Lyndsey. Sorry that you guys weren’t here to celebrate with us…but so very glad that you could be at home and settling in. Hope all is well with you! We are the blessed ones to know you all!

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