Day 2

We decided to have the moms stay with the kids this morning so we could get to know the kids and they could get to know us.  So we started off the morning with breakfast, and then had everyone sit in a circle to learn names and play a bit.  Well, just 2 minutes after we had everyone sitting, the social worker & the director said, “We have to leave to take care of some things.  Have a great day!” and they left…and took Jerry with them!  So, it was me, 1 nanny, a cook, and a guard who spoke a tiny bit of English – plus 21 kids and 19 moms.  I’m pretty sure the kids think this white forenj lady is pretty crazy, but we had a fun morning.  Here are some photos.

The nanny took each mom and child one by one and gave them a sponge bath.

Getting a bath by our nanny

Moms helped with bathtime too

All clean!

We played with chalk.

Yeah Chalk!

And we ate chalk.

And we colored our skin with chalk. My, how nicly chalk colors on damp, freshly washed skin!

And we smiled a lot! No language needed!


Who is this crazy white woman?

Not too sure about the forenj!

We all had lunch together.

Eating together

After lunch, they all headed home.

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