10 Children & Families Fully Sponsored!

We’ve reached a milestone as we have 10 Children and their families Fully Sponsored!  This is huge and means that we only have 20 more Children and their families to have people partner with for the project to be fully funded.

When you look at the website you will notice that 10 are not yet marked as fully sponsored.  One of the reasons is that we have a number of sponsors who asked that their sponsorships go to Children and Families who had a harder time getting Sponsors.  So, we’re giving it a couple of days before matching them with Children  and their Families.  You will notice that there are tons of opportunities to either sponsor with a full family sponsorship or a 1/4 sponsorship or a 1/2 sponsorship.

We have 21 total Children and Family posted on the website and we hope to add another 5 to the sponsorship page over the weekend.   www.embracinghopeethiopia.com/sponsorship

Thank you for spreading the word !   20 More Children and their families to go…that’s really good!

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