A Sponsorship Goal…Can you help us reach it?

It has been amazing around the Day Care as we have watched 59 children settle in, growing in health and seeing Moms with a renewed sense of hope.  My words can’t quite convey the amazing things we watch The Holy Spirit do on a daily basis, but I’ll ask you to trust me in how sweet it truly is. The very sweet part is that in 20 short days we’ll celebrate the… Read More

A Wall of Families to Be Friended.

Here is our wall of families whom we are looking for sponsors for.  We think of sponsorship as a way of you friending a family – walking with them for awhile, helping them to reach toward sustainability the hope that Jesus offers in all of life. If you hover over the photos below you will see the Mom and Child’s name, the child’s age, the child’s Birthday and how many sponsorship slots… Read More

New Families to Sponsor!!

Today we posted 10 new families to sponsor on our sponsor site.  While we are still calling these sponsorships, we prefer to think of it in terms of people choosing to “friend” a family and partner with them in their movement of embracing hope in all areas of life. Check out the sponsor page at https://www.embracinghopeethiopia.com/sponsorships/  .  You’ll see that we’re welcoming in a number of families from different situations from age 3… Read More