Eyerus, EHE466

Eyerus is 1 year old. Her parents are farmers and were living in the north when in December of 2023, fighters attacked and stole their animals and burned their farm. The fighter’s kidnapped Eyerus’ father and Mom now fears him dead as she has not heard from him since January. Mom then fled to Addis with two of her children (the third lives with his grandparents in the north). The family lost everything and Mom has been begging by the roadside just to get food in their mouths. Eyerus suffers from malnutrition. They have endured great pain and we know that God has led them to our door for a purpose. Family sponsorship can make a huge difference in their lives– providing resources and help to meet their daily physical needs as well as loving caregivers, encouragement, empowerment and hope.

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