Makbel, EHE380

Makbel was born 03/23/19. His mother is 19 and got pregnant while in college. She is no longer with the boyfriend and therefore is solely responsible for caring for Makbel. Makbel is living with his grandmother, who begs to provide for her family, earning 450 Birr per month ($11 US dollars). Mom has dropped out of college, but if she is able to get support through EHE she will return to finish her education.

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, but what a blessing this baby is to his family.  With your support mom would have the ability to finish her education, allowing her to get a good job and provide for her child. She just needs someone to come along-side her during this part of her life. You have the ability to help her accomplish her dreams of finishing college and change the trajectory of the future for this family. Wow.

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