Desalew, EHE442

Desalew’s mom recently arrived in Kore’ having fled her home and all their belongings after rebels attacked her village and killed her husband. She is 39 years old and illiterate, so her options to support her family are very limited. Desalew has 3 other older siblings ages 16, 15 and 9. The eldest lives as a housekeeper in another location. None of the children attend school because of a lack of income. Mom washes clothes and cleans earning only 1,600 ETB ($30) per month and has to rely on others to help pay her 1,265 ETB ($24) rent.  Family sponsorship will provide daycare for Desalew, food, medical support and help with the family’s basic needs. Our prayer is that the compassion and care will speak a different narrative of healing and hope over their lives.

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