Amen and his Mom: EHE276

Amen’s Mom is 30 years old and she completed the 6th Grade. She has 2 daughters in addition to Amen. One daughter, Betlehem, has been in the Embracing Hope project for about 5 years. Mom sells coffee and tea and makes 1,000 ETB ($42) per month. She has shown strides forward in her time with EHE. She must pay 700 ETB ($30) in rent per month. This leaves her with little to give her family. She is grateful for the family intervention EHE provides.

Amen attends the Embracing Hope School.  He enjoys playing balancing games, buying things from the shops for his mother, and looking at story books.  His favorite subject is math and he would like to be a pilot when he grows up.


Family Features

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