Why Become a Family Sponsor, now?

So, this week we launched our family sponsorships for Embracing Hope Ethiopia.   This will help us to empower families through a Day Care center as well as holistic intervention for the entire family that promotes long term sustainability.   We feel that by matching families here in Ethiopia with families in other parts of the world we not only can help provide the physical support that vulnerable families need, but we also can provide a base of prayer, emotional support and an overall restoring of a sense of value to people who feel forgotten…by knowing that there is a family out there who is for them and with them.

But, this begs the question, “Why start sponsoring a family NOW?”  It is a fair question.  After all, we still need to get our final approvals.  We still will need to provide some corrections to different offices.  We still are probably at least 6 weeks away from really being able to launch everything and start putting faces and names to the families that we have already begun to pray for.   Wouldn’t it be easier to promote sponsorship if there were faces and stories and names?  Of course it would be.

However, by becoming involved in the family sponsorship program now, you are helping us to prepare the place where these children will come.  You are paving the way for us to begin hiring our staff as soon as we get the green light.   You are preparing the foundation with your prayers and your finances for what will someday have a number of names and faces.  There will be rooms to prepare and furniture to buy and staff to train even before we go on our first home visit to assess a child and their family and welcome them into the project.  You are helping to pave the way by jumping on board now.

Now, I know that it’s much easier to consider it when you are holding the photo and bio in your hand.  Trust me, that day will come…However, would you prayerfully consider jumping on board before then?

Thank you for partnering with the poor, children and orphans to see hope embraced in all of life!

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