Unfinished Business

We need your help.  

We are on the edge of expanding and we have some unfinished business.  We have over 35 sponsorship slots posted on our website that we need to find sponsors for.  We have an additional 40 sponsorship slots that need filled within the project because people have needed to discontinue sponsorship for financial or personal reasons.

Here is how you can help us today..

 1. Choose to sponsor one of the families.  $34 per month will cover one sponsorship slot or $136 per month covers all expenses for a family.  Families like Yeabsera & Yebrigual  are posted now on our website www.embracinghopeethiopia.com/sponsorships

Yeabsera & Yebrigual
Yeabsera and Yebrigual

 2.  Spread this video about sponsorship far and wide.   Post it on Facebook.  Show it to your small group.  Share it around the office.  Show it to your church.  Help us spread the word about how orphans can be prevented and families preserved.  It truly does change lives.

3.  Call your networks to action.  Talk to your Sunday School class.  Challenge your MOPS group to care about seeing mothers of preschool children in other parts of the world cared for.  Spread the word through adoption forums.   Here is a chance for people to make a tangible difference with their resources.

4.  Pray.  Our proposal to expand to 188 children is sitting in front of officials as I write this.  We’ll soon be opening up our doors to serve another 66 Moms and children who are in need.  Pray for us, for the gov’t officials and the families whom we’ll soon have the privilege of partnering with.

Thank you for partnering with us!


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