One Mom’s Harsh Reality.

We are in the middle of registering 29 new families into the Day Care, but lately one has stood out to me. Her story is one of those ones that make you jump up and down about how unfair life can be…yet she continues to press forward.

Tsehaye and Samrawete

This Mom’s name is Tsehaye (which is the word for sun in Amharic). She is 28 years old and has been begging on the street for some time in order to make enough money to feed her family. For this full day of begging she receives 20 ETB (or about $1.25 ETB). Tsehaye is a mom who loves her kids. She has twins…yes, twins just turning 1 year old. Imagine life where you have to take your 1 year old twin son and daughter out onto the street corner to beg for the day. Imagine walking day after day with these two kids strapped to your back to return to the begging place where you know you may not beg enough to eat tonight. It is sheer survival…barely.

Tsehaye was a very hard worker, until a simple accident happened 8 years ago that totally changed her life. One day while working on a worksite in the countryside, in the area where she is from, she stepped on a nail that was hidden in the mud. She didn’t think much of it at the time. However, the wound did not heal and infection set in. Silently it set there…starting to bring the damage that would change Tsehaye’s life.

Tsehaye and Mekeyas

By the time Tsehaye was alerted to the need for medical care and able to receive it in the city, it was too late. Her lower leg had to be amputated – leaving her disabled. Now, no one would ever want her to work for them again. Culturally she would be left to beg for a living for the rest of her life.

At least Tsehaye had her husband who could provide for her.Then Tsehaye became pregnant and one year ago gave birth to her son Mekeyas (Micah) and Samrawete. Like for so many of our moms, dad decided to abandon the family and seek out life somewhere else without strings attached. He left his wife and children with nothing and no way to provide far away from family or anyone who could lend a hand.

Tsehaye was telling our staff that she hasn’t adjusted to life like this. She was a hard worker who has never learned to feel at home begging. She is a mom who loves her kids and it hurts her that this is the life they have.

Now, what does the future look like for Tsehaye? For one, her children are going to have a chance to become healthy and learn…they are not going to be sitting on the corner begging day after day. They will get care while also being able to go home to their mom who loves them very much every night. And, what about Tsehaye? We have dreams of helping her to start a business as time goes on. A business that she will be able to do even despite her disability.

For her family, they are embracing hope one step at a time. If you would be interested in friending their family, please check out our website at . There we have Tsehaye and her twin children, as well as over 20 other families whom we are looking for sponsors for.

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