Helping Bethlehem Embrace Hope

Our good friend first (we’ll call her K.) met Bethlehem (not her real name) when she was sitting alongside a road near K.’s home, crying.   Bethlehem travels this dirt road daily along with hundreds of others from Kore’ to the wealthy Gabriel & Old Airport areas in hopes of begging or finding day labor for enough money to meet her daily needs.  This morning was especially overwhelming for Bethlehem as she was facing the fact that she was now pregnant and now was needing to find the resources for two to eat rather than just herself.   Overwhelmed she sat down to cry.

K. saw her and took the time to engage with her.  Throughout the conversation K. encouraged Bethlehem to not abort the baby, but rather to choose life and keep her.  K. also committed to do what she and her husband could to help her along the way.   This couple has very little themselves, yet out of compassion they were moved to help Bethlehem.

Eventually her baby was born and the relationship has continued between K., her husband and Bethlehem.  They have helped her with food and with encouragement along the way.  They are helping Bethlehem to embrace hope for herself and her little baby…as well as to get connected in a local church where she can get more encouragement.

Along the way K.’s husband began to tell her about the Day Care project that will be starting.  He told her of how we would be able to watch her baby and help her child to grow healthy in all areas, while she could find work and build a sustainable living.  She told him that she would love this, because she hates to beg.  She wants to work.  However, she still had a problem because she was dirty and her clothes were torn and she was afraid that no one would ever hire her looking like that.   This season of poverty had taken a shot to her basic God given human dignity.  To this our friend replied, “We’ll help you with that too.  We’ll help you with clothes and in getting cleaned up so that people will be able to see you for who you are.”   To that she lit right up and said she would be very interested in being part of our project.  She was embracing hope again.

We look forward to our final approvals so that we can welcome Bethlehem into our program.  She is the perfect example of someone who wants a different life for herself and her baby…and is willing to play a part in seeing it happen.

And, there are literally hundreds of others like Bethlehem.  People who walk down a hill and across a bridge built of sticks and then up this dirt road every morning from Kore in hopes that today they may get enough to eat tonight… It is for people like this that this project exists.  As a family sponsor, you can help Bethlehem and others like her embrace hope in all of life.

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