Cricket. Cricket. Cricket.

It has been way too quiet on this website, since it has been over a month since I posted anything.  Yes, one whole month.

Inconceivable.  Unacceptable.  Unforgivable.

I could give you a whole bunch of excuses for why nothing has gotten posted over this month, but to bottom line it – something had to give during this past month and this happened to be the one thing that did.

Here is the 30 second update:

– Families continue to be served by our staff daily.  Providing for basic needs.  Moving families toward sustainability.  Seeing families embrace hope.  Great stuff is happening daily.

– Jerry is settling into his new role at International Evangelical Church very well.   Its a great place to serve.

– Our local staff are doing an amazing job of running the day to day and looking to the future.  We have some great things to report soon.

– We are preparing to move our one day care into a different facility.  Our lease is up on the one day care and we’ve found something more affordable that will help us to potentially expand the services we offer.  Move date – on or around May 25th.

– We had another mom choose to come into relationship with Jesus recently.  God sovereignly moved in her life.  I love how He does that.

– We are starting to have conversations about a couple of moms whom we could potentially graduate out of the project in a year or so.  They have hit a stride and are well on their way to sustainability.  Sweet deal.

– We have a couple of dads who recently came back into the picture and they are showing signs of true change.  They are caring for their families and are open to being reconciled to their wives.  That is God making what seemed impossible, possible.

And all of this happens because we’ve got great folks like you who pray and serve and give.  Thank you for the part you play!

That’s the 30 second update.  I promise it won’t be another 45 days before the next update.

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