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Yesterday I posted about the 1,300 Moms per year that we have to turn away because of lack of capacity and resources. However, here is a way that you can get your church involved in partnering with us to help more of these families who live on the edge.



Church Partnerships.

We truly believe that Christ’s Body plays a vital part in seeing cycles of poverty broken and lives transformed. We believe that the ability of The Church to call people to action as well as to pray on behalf of the least, the last and the lost is a vital piece of seeing any change occur.

Because of these beliefs in the capacity of the local church, we are calling churches to consider partnering with the work we are doing.

Components of a Church Partnership

Church Commitments

1. A commitment to see at least 3 families fully sponsored at $136 per month per family within the congregation. This may be from ministries within the church, a missions fund, or individuals within the church each sponsoring a partial family…or other creative ways you come up with.

2. A commitment to have at least 2 members of the congregation travel to Ethiopia at least every 2 years to see the work that EHE is doing first hand.

3. A commitment to pray on an ongoing basis for families and staff in Ethiopia.

4. A commitment to send notes of encouragement on a regular basis to staff and Moms.

Embracing Hope Ethiopia Commitments

1. To give you the tools to help with sponsorship, including video and print material to help raise awareness within your congregation. We can even provide fair trade goods made by EHE Moms to be sold in your church to help raise awareness while supporting EHE moms.

2. To communicate in a transparent way on a regular basis with your congregation. We want to share openly so that you may rejoice with us and weep with us.

3. To help raise awareness of the complexity of poverty and a call to respond with justice and mercy in action in Jesus’ name. One tool we use here is a yearly Advent devotional that we publish focused on Jesus’ coming and the difference He makes.

4. To help facilitate your members’ time in Ethiopia when they are able to travel to visit the work here.

Would you church be up for the challenge? If so, please drop us an email at . We’d love to talk more about how your church might get involved.

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  1. we would be interested in a church partnership.

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