Friend a Family!

Now that we’ve got the approval to add another 29 families…would you help us by “friending” a vulnerable family?

We have our approval.  We’ll soon have the 29 new Moms and Children.  Now, all we need are some more great folks (like the dozens we already have) who are willing to jump in and sponsor vulnerable moms and their children. Together we get the privilege of  walking with them for a part of their journey, helping to ensure that their children do not become orphaned and in the end that they can sustain their family.   We’d love to have you join us in walking alongside these families that will soon be added.

We don’t yet know the faces or the names of these Moms and Children, but we expect that by February 1st we will.  We’ll know their faces, their names, their stories…and we’ll be dreaming and praying about ways that these Moms and their children can embrace hope.  Typically these Moms find us…(we think that God sends them)…so we think its quite special to get to serve them.

Right now we are placing people on a waiting list and we promise to let you know as soon as we are able to start enlisting new families and we’ll give you the chance to select the families whom you’d like to partner with.

We encourage you to enlist your family members, your church family, your small group, your MOPS group, your office…anyone who you can grab and say, “Hey, here’s a chance for us to grow together as we partner with a family halfway around the world…helping them to stay a family and embrace hope along the way.”  We think there will be those around you who will see the value in that too.

Here’s the details…

1.  You can partner with a family either fully or partially.  These start at $34 per month or you can provide the full amount for a family at $136 per month.

2.  We’ll be in touch as soon as we can intake new families to have them involved in the selection process.  Then we’ll send them information about the family and a photo.

Below is the information about what is included in a Family Partnership.

Friend a Family. Show Love. Extend Hope.

Our desire is to see vulnerable children and their families embrace hope in all of life. This means that we will need to serve the poorest of the poor families in Kore’ on a variety of levels, all of which flow out of relationship.  Your Partnership  not only means that financial resources are available for a family, but it also means that a relationship is built which can empower families through loving support, prayer and encouragement that makes them feel human again…as they are remembered by God and by others.

Here is what the monthly partnership will help provide:

– 2 Nutritious meals per day for a child at our Day Care Center.

– A clean, safe environment for children to be cared for during the day by loving, caring caregivers.

– Early Childhood Education tailored for each child.

– Medical visits for each child and medication.

– Special care for children who are malnourished or undernourished.

– Clothing for each child.

– Hygiene materials for each child.

– Social Worker visits to each child and his or her family on a consistent basis.

– Relational sharing of Jesus and His love demonstrated on a daily basis.

– Supplemental food to help provide better nutrition at home.

– School supplies and uniforms for siblings of children in our program.

– Resources for a Safer, more sanitary settings at home.

– Freedom for parents to work to help promote sustainability while their children are cared for in a safe place.

– Healthcare for other family members.

– Job Training or Education and in some cases employment creation for family members and the community.

– A safety net for parents who are terminally ill to make sure their children are cared for.

– Opportunities for parents to invest in the project themselves, thereby using the assets that God has given them, which in turn empowers them.

– Community based micro-enterprise and micro-savings groups

– Community education in parenting, HIV/AIDS and sanitation

– Community development projects which includes a Children’s Library and Literacy Center.

– The movement towards sustainability for families.

The fun part is that we are seeing Moms make incredible strides in becoming more sustainable as well as themselves and their children becoming more healthy.  It is beautiful to see.  Sign up and be part of it!

The cost of a full partnership  is $136 per month per family or for $34 per month we have partial partnerships.  Basically you are put with 3 other partners and together you fully partner with the family.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please drop us an email at  .