Forgetting and Remembering…A short reflection.

I am a forgetful person.

One would think that I would not be.  After all I get to see God move in so many different ways on a daily basis.  Recently I have seen Him bring freedom to moms, give health to children, intervene in hopeless situations,  restore dignity, show His heart to the hurting, and change the heart of a very powerful person.  Powerful stuff.

Yet, the pace of life and ministry, the ups and downs, the disappointments and uncertainties, and adding into the mix my own brokenness and personality bent – leave me at times weary and forgetful.  I am never satisfied and always desiring more.  I’m not big on taking moments to bask in all that God is doing and has done.  I’m impatient.

OK, I’ll say it, I’m a workaholic, recovering Type A (at least I used to be recovering, but now I wonder) that is never satisfied.  (Whew, now I feel much better).

There is an illusion that comes into play in this scenario – that somehow we are out here alone or that we have to make something happen.  It is a lie, an illusion, a faith-buster.

And into the times where there is struggle or opposition,  it can be easy to believe the lie that gets whispered into my ear and deep down into my heart that this is “our cause” or “our mission” as if we own it and need to take ultimate responsibility for outcomes that only God has control over.

It was into one of those spaces that God spoke very clearly to me this morning through a Psalm.  Psalm 140.

“I know that the Lord secures justice for the poor 

and upholds the cause of the needy.”

Perhaps one of my problems is that I don’t rehearse these Psalms over and over again enough as they have been in centuries before.  Perhaps my problem is that at times I start to depend on myself rather than The King and His Cause.

What I need is a knowing like David had – a proclamation kind of being whole-heartedly convinced that says – “I KNOW that THE LORD…secures justice for the poor.”  HE’s the One who does it.  HE upholds the cause of the needy – HE does it.

Even when I have forgotten…and the outlook seems to be moving in a different direction – He has not changed.  He has not forgotten.  He is still securing and upholding – in His timing and in His way.

Now, if I can just remember this, I can partner with Him in what He is doing and see His outcome.  It may be the cure for impatience and faithlessness and despair and my own god-complex.  Maybe it can even heal my workaholic tendencies along the way.

Oh God of the cause of the Poor and Needy…keep reminding me that this is your gig.   This is something you started long before I came into being and that You will continue long after I am gone.  You are The God who is making Your Kingdom here on earth look more like Your Heavenly Kingdom.  You do it…not me.

You do it. I simply get the privilege of participating in what You are doing.  That’s a great deal.

May my forgetfulness turn into remembering of who You are and what You are doing. Every day. Every minute. Every second.

5 Comments on “Forgetting and Remembering…A short reflection.

  1. Jerry, the words you write on your blog move, encourage and challenge me.

    Thank you!

  2. Jerry, God has clearly been working in the hearts of a whole bunch of us on this topic. I’m LOVING the reminders that this is God’s deal, and none of it depends on us. Thanks for yet another reminder 🙂

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  4. Sophie. That is awesome to hear! I love the way God works these things into our hearts and minds.

  5. thank you for the kind comment Anna!

    Hope that all is well with you.


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