Shannon Family Update Feb 2018

After 8 years of living in Ethiopia, the Shannons recently left and returned to the US where they wait for a season until they can move to Turkey.

While it was hard to leave our many friends and return to our passport country that is no longer familiar to us, this was always part of the dream.  To see our incredible staff of local Ethiopians leading Embracing Hope and walking alongside of the families we serve is a gift from God.  These great friends and colleagues take care of every detail and ensure that Jesus is made known through loving kindness that is demonstrated everyday.  And through our Spiritual ministry, many are learning about the fullness of who Jesus is.  It is a huge answer to prayer that is so much fuller than we ever imagined when we first responded to God’s prompting 9 years ago.

As we enter this season of waiting for the next chapter…here’s what’s new for us.

  • Our season before leaving Ethiopia was crazy physically and emotionally.  Handing everything off while saying goodbye to all the wonderful friends and family we have there was so much tougher than we ever imagined.  We continue to process this new season of life while being absent from a place that is “home” to us.
  • We have settled back in Millersville, PA (Lancaster County) for this season.  We hope to move to Turkey early in the Summer, but we continue to pray for clear discernment on timing.  In the meantime, we are enjoying a milder Northeast winter and watching the Winter Olympics.
  • Joshua continues to serve Syrian refugees with FriendShips organization in Israel.  God is doing great work through them.  Jerry is looking forward to visiting them for a couple of weeks in March.
  • Micah just turned 16 and has his driving permit.  Dad and he are enjoying getting out on some nice weather days and starting to learn to drive.
  • Caia continues to grow into a caring young woman at 13.  She is adjusting  to being back in The US and so many new and different things.
  • Hanna had some very hard goodbyes to say in Ethiopia, but she is adjusting.  She spends much of her time when she is not doing school staring at Malachi and saying, “He’s so cute!”
  • Kidist is about ready to turn 7 years old!  She is enjoying doing school and loves to go outside to slide on the ice…no matter how cold it is.
  • Mihiret loved celebrating Valentines Day.  She carried Valentines Day cards around the house and even slept with them because they were such special gifts to her.
  • Malachi recently turned 4 months old and he is doing great.  He brings all of us a lot of joy.  He is healthy and growing like crazy.
  • Christy and Jerry are taking care of details to help EHE grow to a different place while also preparing for a new season in Turkey.  This means focusing a lot of attention on Embracing Hope’s structure.  Christy is busy homeschooling.  They both will travel next week for a conference and networking time about Turkey and are looking forward to hanging out with like-minded and like-hearted people. 

Thank you for praying for our family and for your ongoing support.  We could not do this without you!