Shannon Family Update April 2015


Home School Retreat Attendees. What fun!

It has been a great few months around our house. Homeschooling continues.  Work is going well.   We even had time for a bit of a getaway at Lake Babogaya in Debre Zeit for a homeschool retreat. (By the way…Micah, who is becoming our in house professional photographer, shot most of the photos this time around).

As we look at the next few months we ask for your prayers in a few areas.


One of Micah’s photos. He loves taking Bird photos.

1.  In May, Ethiopia will be holding its national elections.  Please pray for a peaceful election and a peace filled outcome.

2.  Please pray for our family as we have many friends moving back to their home countries.  We’re not sure why, but this year it seems that it is a huge year of moving.  We will be saying goodbye to most of our family friends.  Fortunately we know that we’ll be saying Hi to new ones too.


Joshua presenting about the great photos of history at the Retreat.

3.  Please pray for us as we take a few days in Hawassa soon for a bit of family down time.  It is the first time we’ve been back in over a year, so we’re excited to get some rest and stare at the water.

Here is an update on what is new for each of us here…

Mihiret.  She continues to grow like crazy and went from not walking at all to walking everywhere.  Her vocabulary is becoming huge and she is so super sharp.  She is such a delight.


Kidist – Easter Sunday 2015

Kidist.  She is almost ready to turn 4 years old.  It is crazy to think how far she has come.  Now that Kidist is on a gluten free diet, so much has changed for her.  She is growing, her attitude has come so far also.  Kidist has also gotten to be with her best pals, Nathanel and Makela for extended times this past month.

Hanna.  Hanna is growing to be quite the young lady.  Her laugh is absolutely infectious and she continues to give her siblings a run for their money.  She loves wrestling with Dad – and she is becoming quite strong.

Caia.  Caia continues to love being socially engaged.  She has some great friends around her who she loves being with.   She recently took the Iowa exams and did exceptional at them.  We are super proud.


Micah and Miheret. Best Buds.

Micah.  Micah continues to grow into a great young man. He is super helpful and is the apple of Mihiret’s eye.   He continues to love watching birds and taking photos…he’s got a great eye.  He helps Mom at EHE on Fridays, too.  Recently he took the Iowa exams and scored off the charts.  Way to go Micah.

Joshua.  Joshua is doing exceptionally well.  We continue to be so excited to watch the ways he interacts with others.  Recently at a homeschool retreat, he effortlessly interacted with a team from the UK as well as his peers and other adults.  He’s got a gift.   He continues to play the drums at church and has good people around him.

APRIL 2015 NEWS 13

CRAZY Girls! We love it.

Christy continues to be at EHE one full day per week as well as homeschooling the children. Miheret and Kidist keep her hopping as they keep growing and becoming more adventurous.  She also is integrally involved in training the staff at EHE and helping EHE to grow in the coming year.

Jerry is having a busy Spring at IEC as he is preaching through 1 Corinthians and working on putting our discipleship process in place.  IEC is also actively pursuing church planting in a couple of cities, growing a Chinese ministry and developing IEC staff.   It is an exciting time.