Welcome! We are so happy that you share our heart for Ethiopia and have taken a moment to visit our site. Embracing Hope was founded with a deep heart for the poor and vulnerable in Ethiopia, especially those children living in such poverty that their families were vulnerable to needing to give them up unless there was intervention. We provide holistic care and support for parent (mainly single mothers) and child through generous donor support in the impoverished section of Addis Ababa know as Kore’ (or Korah) adjacent to the city garbage dump. In 2022 we expanded our ministry north to also serve those affected by the war and continuing unrest. Please take a moment to peruse our website to learn more about us– our vision and our projects. We would love to send you some stickers and additional information if you fill in your address below. To receive regular updates about our work– follow the link on this page and sign-up for our monthly email newsletter. We welcome your partnership and support as God leads you! The need is huge and sometimes the darkness threatens to overwhelm us, but we press into the assurance that  “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it.” John 1:5

Grace and Peace to you,
Embracing Hope Ethiopia