You blessed us…so we get to bless others.

We are so blessed by the people who support EHE and those who bring donations to us.  We also believe that if we have extra right now, then we should share it when a need comes up around us in another organization.

One of those kind of needs came up this past week when a flash flood hit near to Bahir Dar (10 hours North of Addis Ababa) that left 650 already impoverished people homeless.  Our great friends at Grace Center are there meeting needs and demonstrating Jesus’ love in action to those directly affected.

However, when we heard about the tragedy and the fact that these people all lost everything that they had, we wondered how we could help.

That’s where you come in.  The extra clothing, formula, blankets, shoes, etc. that you have provided us over this past year are now on their way to blessing the poor of Bahir Dar.  Why store it away here in a donation room when it can be used there, this moment?  Truth is, when we need it again we believe that God is able to provide it in that time.

So, a bit over 1.000 lbs of donations is leaving Addis tonight to make its way to Bahir Dar – and it is because of you.  We thank God for you.

Please pray for those affected by the flood and for our wonderful brothers and sisters at Grace Center who serve families in Bahir Dar in absolutely beautiful ways.

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