When Community Breaks Out

I love watching dignity restored to Moms in the project as they leave begging behind and dig in to whatever work they can find once their children are cared for.  You can virtually see the oppression lifted off physically as they stand straighter and see themselves for one of the first times in life as one designed in God’s image.

But, when they see this in each other and reach out when need occurs – then I start to beam with pride.

This recently happened in the project for one of the Mothers.  She fell and broke her arm, leaving her in a cast for almost 2 months.  What do you do when you can’t work and therefore can’t eat?  Of course our project was there for her and could help her, but before we could intervene something even more powerful happened.

A majority of the other mothers saw her need and decided to take action.  Now, these are the same mothers who make less than $2 per day and have children of their own and skip meals to make it work.  These are the same mothers who have been pounded by inflation and have seen their rent and food double in price in recent months.  They are materially very, very, very poor.

Yet, they saw a fellow mother in need and they started to contribute and sacrifice the little they had so that this mother could also have something. 

This wasn’t prompted by our staff at all.  Rather, there was an atmosphere of community and these moms decided that they would do whatever it took to make sure that another mom was taken care of.   They sacrificed.  They gave of what God had provided for them.  They showed love to a fellow Mom with a small child…out of the tiny bit that they had.

The miraculous part of this story is that this Mom had only been part of the project for 2 months when this happened.  She was a newbie.  Unknown. Disconnected.  Quiet.  Within a system that many times is ruled by competition and jealousy.

Yet, community broke out around her and other mothers sacrificially embraced her.

God is in our midst…and we love watching what He is doing in the hearts and minds of those whom He is drawing to Himself.

And, I stand back amazed at how God sovereignly works and challenged by how much I still have to learn.

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