What to eat? Moms who live off of less than $2 per day.

So, today the discussion around our house is what we will eat next Thursday, December 8th as we do the $2 Day as a family.  What can a family of 6 eat for $2?  To help us brainstorm, I asked 3 of our moms today what they eat on a daily basis.  These Moms live off of less than $2 per day (including rent, etc.) so they have experience in trying to feed their families with very little.  Keep in mind that while this is what they eat now, there have been days where there would not be enough money for them to eat all 3 meals.

Here’s what they told us…

Mom #1   – Eats Injera (local spongy bread) and Shiro Wot (a hot stew made from chick peas) every day for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Mom #2 – Breakfast – White Bread and Tea

Lunch – Injera and Shiro Wot.

Dinner – Injera and boiled potatoes.

Mom #3 – Breakfast – white pasta

Lunch – Injera and Shiro Wot

Dinner – Injera and boiled potatoes.

What you notice is that there is not much variety and very little protein.   Eating is done as a means to live.   The other thing that stands out is these are not convenient foods.  For instance the shiro takes hours to prepare as a large amount of onions are chopped and cooked down…it is an intensive process.  And, without running water for many moms, it means that their water to make any of this food had to be bought locally and carried home.   Cooking is an intensive process, even to eat very simply here.

I am sure that whatever our menu choice is for Thursday (watch over the next couple of days for more details on what we’ll be eating) it will be greatly informed by what these incredible Moms make for their family on a daily basis.

As you prepare for the 2 Dollar Day, how are you going to eat your $2?

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