Kore’ Changes


Life is always changing in the slum. Especially in a city like Addis Ababa that is seeing rapid growth, new buildings as far as the eye can see and impressive new roads – even through the middle of a slum area .IMG_1087 IMG_1090 IMG_1093
We have been hearing for the past 5 years that the road that leads to Kore was scheduled to be widened. The master plan for the area includes a new road, a redeveloped garbage dump and a renovated slum. For 5 years we have heard the plans but with few signs that changes were coming.


Then overnight the shops along the Main road started undergoing a transformation. Many shop owners are now tearing the front 3 meters from their shops. Others have torn their shops down completely. Vegetable sellers. Bars. Small shops. Cafes. It is all being changed in an instant.


And these changes are a sign of more development to come. These developments bring better roads, but increased challenges such as EHE Moms being priced out of their mud one room homes. The winds of change are blowing.


Please pray for Kore and all that live here as the changes come.

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