2 Dollar Day – Dinner

We finished off the day the same way it started.  We had white bread again, same portions as this morning.  We also had saved a bit of money from lunchtime, so we were able to splurge and add a half banana for each of us.  We reused the tea grounds from this morning which gave Christy and I a cup of tea.  Sweet.

All total for the day we spent 32 ETB…or about $1.86.   Those extra couple of ETB will just about pay for the water we drank today…water which our moms would have bought at a local faucet for 2  to 4 ETB for a 5 gallon jug.

All in all it was a sobering experience for our family.  It especially hits home as we consider many of the children in the Day Care Project and those for whom we hope to provide spaces for.  For many of them (and their moms) the feeling in our stomachs of not having enough today…and especially eating anything with substance…is a daily occurrence.  Some of these kids were eating every couple of days before coming into the project.  Many of them did not have dinner, so they went to bed hungry.  That’s why they came to us malnourished, sickly and without the ability to concentrate.

We are grateful for how God has turned things around for them.  And, we’re grateful to Him for giving us an opportunity to have greater empathy for those whom we serve.  May many more families be provided for physically, but also with the One whom we know as The Bread of Life.  The One who satisfies all of our hungers.

What are you having for dinner?  Hope that you are enjoying the experience and looking forward to hearing from you along the way.

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  1. A pound of pasta… $.89 cents. Whew…not an easy day, trying to eat on so little. Rice for breakfast.

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