Those who partner with us in prayer truly fuel our mission here.   We have a number of people who prayer for us on a regular basis and we know that without them we would not be able to do what we do.   We are constantly reminded that

Bayeesh & Nuhami

not only do we find ourselves in a physical battle against the forces that cause poverty, but we also are in a spiritual battle.   The power of lies and spiritual forces cannot go unnoticed here.  We are reminded of Paul’s message that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the powers, authorities and principalities.  Your prayers are effective in combatting those forces of evil that keep people oppressed, and help to see them freed.

We would love to have you join our Prayer List.  We send out a monthly update of prayer requests.  Please add your email address below and we’ll see that you get our prayer updates.

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We would also love to have you join us in prayer on a weekly basis.   We meet for prayer on Mondays at 7pm Ethiopian time (12 noon EST).  Would you be willing to pray for us over your lunch break on Mondays?  We’d also love to hear any impressions you get as you pray.

Here are some ways to pray on an ongoing basis:

  1. For the Korah area that the lies of being cursed and forsaken could be broken and they could come to know the depths of God’s love and care for them.
  2. For the physically and mentally ill of Korah – that Jesus would meet them in a life changing encounter where they are.
  3. For the many orphans in Korah.  That they might be welcomed into a family.
  4. For the many people who work and live in the dump.  Pray that they could see and embrace hope in Jesus.
  5. For the many families who live on the edge of not having enough to feed their family or provide for basic needs.
  6. For the many who are unemployed that they could find work, and that we could assist them in finding employment.
  7. For the moms and children whom we serve.  That they could know the depths of God’s love for them and come into relationship with Him.  Also, that they would trust God enough to engage in taking steps to break the ongoing generational cycles of poverty in their lives.
  8. For unity among the different churches, ministries and organizations working in Korah.
  9. For clarity of focus of our vision as well as for bridges to be build into the community, including the local Kebele leaders, and a general sense of favor in the neighborhood.  Pray that we could see what The Father is doing and then cooperate with Him in it.
  10. For safety.  There are many things that go on in Korah because of the desperation here that can make it unsafe.  Please pray for God’s safety on all residents of Korah as well as on our staff.
  11. For power encounters.  Pray that we would have opportunity to demonstrate God’s Kingdom through bringing Good News to the poor, healing, freedom, release of oppression, recovery of sight for the many who are blind, restoration for the lepers, forgiveness to the criminal, reconciliation for the broken, the breaking of curses, and declaration of God’s favor.  May The Lord make His Presence and His Power known.

Thank you for joining us in prayer!