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Thank you for your interest in helping us in our aim of seeing hope embraced in all of life by those who live on the edge.  Below are 5 different ways that you can get involved and make a difference.  We’d love to have you partner with us…

1. Sponsor a Family

One of our primary financial needs is for Family Sponsorships.   We currently serve over 300 children and their moms and every year are adding more.

By sponsoring a family you can make a difference in the life of a family who lives on the edge and help them to embrace hope in all of life.  You can get more information about Family Sponsorships by clicking here

2.  Become an Advocate.

We need those who will advocate on behalf of the poorest of the poor by spreading the word, engaging others and helping EHE get the necessary resources to partner with more and more families.  

A. Advocate.  Help spread the news about what we’re doing while also helping others to share in the responsibility and the blessing of ministry to the poor and vulnerable.   You get to help build bridges between those who are materially poor and those who are impoverished in other ways in the West.

We have a number of resources on our Advocate Page that we can provide to help you share with others one-on-one, in organizations and on Social Media . We also have tools to help with events to raise awareness and funds.  Please visit our Advocate page by clicking here.  Thank you for spreading the word!

B.  Shop through Amazon Smile.  When you shop on Amazon.com, choose to have a portion of your sale given to EHE.    Simply follow this link http://smile.amazon.com/ch/27-3553078 and shop on Amazon like you normally do. 

When you do so, EHE receives 0.5% of your purchase.  It adds up!

C.  Visit Us.  Coming to Addis?  By Yourself or with a Team? We’d love to have you visit and see what’s going on here first hand, so that you might be able to share with others.   Check out our Visit Us page for more information on making it happen – https://www.embracinghopeethiopia.com/visit-us/

3. Partner Financially

We need people who are willing to help support the work of Embracing Hope Ethiopia through a monthly donation to our ministry.  

This helps us to most effectively minister to those whom God has brought to us.  Now, both US and Canadian Donors can make tax deductible contributions.  Visit our Donate Now Page by clicking here

Would you like to receive our E-Newsletter? Visit our Sign Up Page by clicking here

4. Pray For Us…and with us.

Those who partner with us in prayer truly fuel our mission here.   We have dozens of people who pray for us on a regular basis and we know that without them we would not be able to do what we do.   We are constantly reminded that not only do we find ourselves in a battle against poverty’s physical forces, but we also are in a spiritual battle.  Your prayers are effective in combatting those forces of evil that keep people oppressed, and help to see them freed.

If you are interested in joining us in prayer, please visit our partner page by clicking here 

Here are 6 ways to pray on an ongoing basis:

  1. For Hope.  Pray for the people of Kore’ that they would see the True Hope and transformation of Jesus – The One who rules and breaks through all of the lies, curses and pasts.
  2. For Moms.  Pray for the Moms in the project that they would embrace transformation.  They are courageous women who are choosing to go a difficult road of seeing change come.  Pray for perseverance, hope and an embrace of Jesus in the midst of it all.
  3. For Children.  Pray for the children in the project as they are becoming healthy, fighting off infection and growing on all levels.  Pray that they would also embrace Jesus – at a young age.
  4. For the Community.  Every day we have 8 – 10 moms who come seeking our assistance.  We can’t help everyone for various reasons.  Pray that we can be a light to them…and serve them in whatever way possible in Jesus’ name.  Pray for provision for their needs, health, life and hope.
  5. For Our Staff.  Daily our staff faces challenges from various fronts…not to mention that we find ourselves in the middle of an intense struggle where The Kingdom of God is breaking into the midst of the kingdom of darkness.   Pray for ongoing unity, love and perseverance among our whole staff.
  6. For power encounters.  Pray that we would have opportunity to demonstrate God’s Kingdom through bringing Good News to the poor, healing, freedom, release of oppression, recovery of sight for the many who are blind, restoration for the lepers, forgiveness to the criminal, reconciliation for the broken, the breaking of curses, and declaration of God’s favor.  May The Lord make His Presence and His Power known.

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

5. Serve.

Are you an Outside the Box Thinker?  We need people like you who!  Here are some other ways to get involved by giving yourself.  

– Volunteer in the US.  We have needs along the way for Financial people, administrative people, fundraisers and legal folks.  If you could help in one of these ways, please let us know.  You save us money when we don’t have to hire a professional for these services. If you are interested in serving in the US, please drop us an email at info@EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com and we’ll get you what you need to assist you.

– Volunteer on the Ground in Ethiopia.  A life changing event for many people is a direct visit on the ground in a 3rd world country.  When in these settings it is amazing how quickly statistics suddenly have faces and names that impact us deeply in our hearts and in our walk with Jesus.    If you’d like to spend some time on the ground with us, please visit our Volunteer Page by clicking here