Thank you for considering giving towards this work in Ethiopia.  It truly is through the small sacrifices that many make each month that we are able to serve with the poor, children and orphans.   We are  funded by individuals and churches whom we believe God has brought us in contact with over time.   We would love to talk about ways that you might want to partner,  invest or provide grants toward the work we are doing.

To make a donation by credit card or Checking / Savings Account (Direct Withdrawal), please click here.  You will be redirected to our secure giving portal where you can make a secure donation via credit card.

To make a donation by check, please make the check out to Embracing Hope Ethiopia and in the note mark it for either Family Sponsorships, Shannon Family Support or General Fund.     The address for donations is:

Embracing Hope Ethiopia, PO Box 433, New Holland, PA 17557

One of our primary financial needs is for Family Sponsorships.  You can get more information about Family Sponsorships here


Maybe you would love to partner financially, but find yourself strapped for cash.  Here are some ideas that we’ve had people try.

  1. Choose to give us a Pizza a month.  Okay, so don’t send us the pizza (the postage is a killer) but we figured it out and most people would spend $21 for a large pizza and a 2 liter of soda.   So, consider fasting from pizza 1 time per month and donate that amount instead.
  2. Send us your spare change.  It is amazing how quickly that change adds up.  We’ll put it to use here in Ethiopia.  Remember when your parents or grandparents used to tell you that they remember buying a loaf of bread for a nickel.  Well, for 6 cents a hungry person can buy a loaf of bread here.  Your nickel can go a long ways towards helping to provide food for a child.
  3. Get your small group or club involved.   So, $136/month may sound like a lot to you, but imagine if 5 couples pitched in $27 per month.   Sounds a bit more doable, doesn’t it?  And, we’d love having your small group remembering us in prayer along the way – it means a lot to what we are trying to do.
  4. Giving toward our material wish list.   We have a number of wishes that don’t need so much a monthly support amount, but rather one time gifts.
  5. Volunteer.  We have needs along the way for Financial people, administrative people, fundraisers, medical people, whip crackers and legal folks.  If you could help in one of these ways, please let us know.  You save us money when we don’t have to hire a professional for these services.

We want to be up front about where our money goes.   When you make a donation by credit card, approximately 98% of that amount reaches on the ground here.  (The credit card administrator charges us approximately 2%).  If you give by check 100% of it reaches the ground here.  Our accounts are administrated in the US by good friends who serve us out of the kindness of their hearts for free!   The money that reaches the ground is used to support our missionaries with modest living expenses as well as to provide for the projects we are doing.  We also want you to know that we see you as a partner in what we are doing – without you we couldn’t be doing what we are doing.   So, we promise to try our best to stay in touch along the way through a bi-monthly newsletter as well as other notes along the way.

If you would like to take a look at our dream budget for the coming year, please drop us an email at info@embracinghopeethiopia(dot)com .  We’d love to have you take a look at it and dream of any ways you might want to get involved financially.

We strive to act in all of our financial matters governed by the principles of simplicity, transparency, stewardship and integrity.  We know that each one of our supporters has entrusted us with an investment for The Kingdom of God, and therefore we want to operate in a way that we honor that intention.  Below you will see the breakdown of our Projected Budget for the Day Care / Holistic Intervention Project for the year.  Please drop us an email if you have any questions.


1 Facility is for the rent of a house which holds both the Day Care & Office
2 Day Care Furnishings – everything from shelves to mattresses to fridge & stove, etc.
3 Education – toys, puzzles, curriculum, play things
4 Health & Hygiene – Medical Treatment and Hygiene Supplies for the family, day care & training
5 Nutrition – 2 Daily Meals for Children in the Day Care & Nursing moms & special support
6 Salaries – Salaries for the 13 Ethiopian Staff Members
7 Family Support & Empowerment – Supplemental Food, Employment Training, Special Supports, Clothing, Micro-enterprise, Life Skills Training, House Repair
8 Community Development – Community Education & Community Sanitation initiatives. will increase in 2012
9 Capital Costs – Costs associated with getting an office up & running in the first year
10 Administrative Costs – Office expenses, audit, printing, paper, etc.

Thank you for partnering with us.  We appreciate you entrusting us with stewarding the investment you are making in the lives of others here on the ground!